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School code. 10541
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Affiliation no. 1730193 School code. 10541


Alok Kids

Alok Kids

Together we can "sow the seeds of success"!

Every Child is Unique One’s goals and aspirations are different from another’s. That’s why we believe that it is important to reach out and give personalized attention to each child to make each one feel that she or he is the only one.

At Kids Planet: The classes adopt play way and activity-oriented approach with emphasis on the improvement of speaking, reading and writing skills. The program then detects flaws in the child’s pronunciation of words during the course of the dialogue and prompts the child to correct the usage immediately, without which it won’t respond to the child’s innate curious questions. Thus the kids learn the science of accurate pronunciation effortlessly even when their counterparts are still grappling over mastery in speech. We want learning to be fun, and for every child to do the very best they can. We provide a broad and balanced education the highest academic expectations in:- Audio visual learning, Play way learning, Developing Food habits

Language Development

It is important that children understand communication not just through speaking but also by using the body language and gestures

Reading, Writing & Mathematics

Coupled with opportunities to enjoy and excel in the arts, physical education by family, friends and teachers. All the great things about our Kids Planet by Alok sporting and a modern English language.

Knowledge Development

It is crucial that a child's learning, understanding, problem solving, reasoning and memory skills are enhanced through various activities.

Socio-Emotional Awareness

It is very important that children learn to build positive relationships with their alok Institution and we hope that you will enjoy playing a part in our continued success. During the two years of pre-school education, children explore and understand the physical world around them through various play way methods Special emphasis is laid on muscular development, co-ordination of hand and eye, control of limbs sensory perceptions and social skills.

Personal Awareness

Habits are formed in this stage it is imperative that children learn not only about themselves but also develop indepencence, safety & hygiene.

Physical Education Development

At the very early age the child should be able to use his or her hands not only to eat and dress but also to draw play write be creative and inventive and in the process develop aesthetic skills. Developing simple skills how to sit, stand walk and run keep balance and change position.