Affiliation no. 1730193
School code. 10541
Mandatory Disclosure

Affiliation no. 1730193 School code. 10541


Vision & Mission

Mission Vision

We respect the environment everything it does and eco-friendly work culture practices, students learn Green, energy saving practices and create awareness all over the society through a league of social service and environmental awareness then the message is taken to every home, local community and beyond, this is quite in tune with the needs and requirements of today advanced education system world over. Our Institution academic and non-academic initiatives have already been accredited by the state and nation.

Our Mission

Alok envisions a society where Indian values are foundation stones of the pillars of tomorrow. Our value-based approach to human development makes us stand apart from the crowd. We believe and follow that instead of cutthroat competition, the need of the hour is to join hands and make a bridge for everyone. And this is how leaders are made.


Our mission is to provide an excellent learning environment to students where they can excel in their respective interest zone, identify their own potential and accelerate the same.